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Dr Murphy Patient Transfers Posted on 10 Feb 2021

Dear Patient, we are now transferring Dr Murphy's patients to our remaining GPs. These transfers will take a couple of weeks to be process and patients will allocated a GP as follows:

Aged over 75 - letter of the alphabet:

A,B,C - Dr Qureshi

D,E - Dr Evans

F - Dr Watson

G - Dr Basham

H,I, J - Dr Heard

K, L,M - Dr Hombersley

N,O - Dr Evans

P - Dr Clark

R,S,T,W - Dr Law

Age under 75 - letter of the alphabet:

A,B,C,F,G - Dr Watson

D,E,W - Dr Evans

H,I - Dr Heard

J,K - Dr Basham

L,S,T - Dr Qureshi

M - Dr Hombersley

N,O,P,Q,R - Dr Law 

U,V,Y,Z - Dr Clark  

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