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Changes to Sit and Wait Surgery.... Posted on 6 Mar 2020


Significant change to the S&W Surgery!




From 1st April this service will now be known as the Urgent Surgery.




Patients attending this service will see one of our Advanced Nurses (AN) or the Primary Care Paramedic (PCP).  There will be one GP on Duty for the Nurse or Paramedic you are seeing to consult with, or refer a patient to, should that be clinically prudent.  So, your expectation when coming to this service is that you will NOT be called in by a Doctor.




We have made this significant change in order to make the practice more resilient, use our resources more efficiently, and provide our patients with a successful & accessible service for the future.  We have recognised that this service is often filled with clinical conditions that can be treated by other clinicians.  This change will allow GPs to see the most complex of patient needs in a timelier way. 




In most cases the ANs or PCP can diagnose, treat and prescribe in addition to referring to most external specialists.  Our ANs & PCP have many years of training & experience.




IMPORTANTLY, please note, these surgeries are for ‘acute’ on the day problems only - this means a new, on the day ailment.  It is not for ongoing problems for which you have been seen by a GP previously, or something which has been troubling you for some time.  When we are at full capacity you will be referred to the services mentioned below.




REMEMBER we have access to additional appointments at Swanage Cottage Hospital or Poole Hospital where you can see a prescribing practitioner. It is now possible via our website ( to consult with one our GPs using our new E-CONSULT service, and self-refer yourself to the local Physiotherapy service. Last, but definitely not least, seeing one of the community’s local pharmacists for timely support with minor ailments or medication queries, really should be your first port of call.




The times of the Urgent duty team Surgery are 9-10.30am and 2-3.00pm Monday - Friday.








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