Community Health Services

A range of local community health services


An NHS chiropody service is available at Swanage Community Hospital for all diabetics and those with medical conditions affecting their feet.  New patients are referred by their GP and will be assessed by the chiropodist and advised of their treatment plan.

  Community Mental Health Nurses

The community mental health nurses work with others in our mental health care team to provide care and a range of services to patients and carers within their own homes or at the health centre.  Clients are referred via their doctor or other members of the primary health care team.  To ask for further advice telephone (01929) 422231.

  Community Midwife

Your community midwife will care for all aspects of pregnancy during the antenatal period and (following your discharge from the maternity unit) postnatally, until you and your child are passed to the care of the health visitors. The midwife holds an antenatal clinic at Swanage Health Centre every Wednesday. 

To make initial contact with the midwives please ask at reception for details.

  Community Physiotherapy & Equipment

Referral may be made via your doctor or by other members of the primary health care team.  Or if you think you need physiotherapy you can self-refer.  For more information on how to access Community Physiotherapy and Equipment services, please follow this link:>> 

District Nurses

The community nursing team provides an 'in hours' nursing service to patients and carers of all ages requiring moderate to high levels of care at home.  The nurses will provide specialist services for people too incapacitated to attend the health centre. Referral is via the GP or by other members of the primary health care team. Tel: (01929) 422231. Out of hours, ie from 6.00pm to 7.00am weekdays and throughout weekends and bank holidays, telephone 07788 925830.

More information on District Nursing services can be found on the NHS Dorset HealthCare University Trust website by following this link:>>

Health Visitors

Your health visitor will remain involved with you and your baby up to school age or older, should you have a need. Your Health Visitor will monitor your child’s growth and development and answer any concerns you may have. 

More information on Health Visiting services can be found on the NHS Dorset HealthCare University Trust website by following this link:>>

District nurses and health visitors based at the Health Centre are managed by Dorset Healthcare University Foundation Trust and any requests or problems relating to services provided by the community team should be addressed to

Dorset Healthcare University Foundation Trust

11 Shelley Road



BH1 4JQ 

Tel: (01305) 368900